February 22, 2018


Gordon Jackson's new book, HOW TO HIT A POWER DRAW, introduces ten new and revolutionary techniques to lock-in a draw ball flight alignment during the setup proceedings.

Once your setup routine is completed, all that remains is to keep a steady head (a must), planted left heel and then execute a regular golf swing. In turn, your ball should draw perfectly, discounting wind conditions and elevation differentials.

This book will teach you how to hit draw golf shots

Unfortunately, the conventional means of shaping golf shots are flawed and, in many instances, the ball will fly in the opposite direction of the one intended. This typically is referred to as the “double- cross” effect.

HOW TO LOCK-IN A POWER DRAW presents and instructs not just one way to produce a power draw ball flight but ten in all.

As you may imagine, the benefits of being able to perform each of these techniques are overwhelming. For example,

  • You should be able to curve your ball into crosswinds to produce a ball flight straight to your target.
  • You should be able to curve your ball around obstructions so it will fly directly to your target.
  • You should be able to draw your ball around doglegs to decrease the distance to the target.
  • You should be able to straighten the ball flight of your golf shot when faced with a ball “below your feet.”
  • You should have no need to misalign your target line in an attempt to produce a hook ball flight - as is required when using the conventional method to produce a draw.
  • You should have no need to manipulate your club to swing “down the line” during your downswing - as is required when attempting to produce a draw by the use of the conventional method.
  • You should come to enjoy and appreciate the game more than ever before.

The HOW TO HIT A POWER DRAW book is now available for less than the costs of a new golf shirt you may never wear, for less than the costs of dinner and drinks and for less than the costs of green fees at any decent golf course.

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