January 20, 2018

Golf Swing Tips: Stick To The Fundamentals

golf swing tipsThe best golf swing tips always relate to the fundamentals of golf.

In terms of the fundamental golf swing tips, I am speaking about what is referred to as the mechanics of both the pre-swing proceedings and the actual swing.

Understanding the mechanics of the set-up proceedings and the golf swing is particularly signifiacnt for beginning golfers, especially if they want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight.

First of all, the beginning student must understand how the hands are formed properly on the club.

This entails the club to be placed diagonally across the fingers and palm of the left hand with the club handle running from the “crook” of the left-hand index finger back to and under the fatty pad of the left palm. Then it is just a matter of wrapping the remaining fingers of the left hand around the club.

Whether preferring an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, the grip must be completed by locking the right-hand lifeline squarely and securely on the left thumb. This helps to prevent the club from slipping during the golf swing. It also allows you to convert your grip to a straight ball flight alignment to hit straight golf shots.

Once the grip is formed on the club, the next fundamental is to assume a comfortable stance to the ball. I believe this is achieved by having about a fist of separation between the butt of the club and the mid line of the body, after the sweet spot of the club face has been centered directly behind the ball.

At this juncture of the pre-swing proceedings, it is critical that the shoulders be aligned parallel with the directional line, the imaginary line on which you want the ball to fly, initially.

Once these fundamental set up steps are completed, it then becomes a matter of keeping a stable stance, a steady head and executing a simple golf  swing.

Unless one of the Locked-In Golf Techniques is performed to lock-in the preferred ball flight, a golfer must attempt to manipulate the club in some way during the golf swing to deliver the club face properly to the ball at impact.

When one of the Locked-In Golf Techniques is performed and the sweet spot of the club face is centered as near as possible to the back of the ball, a balanced golf swing will flight the ball in the same direction and pattern as indicated by its ball flight alignment at the completion of the set up routine.

You will find more information about the Locked-In Golf Techniques at http://lockedingolf.com.

When a specific ball flight alignment is locked-in and the set up proceedings are performed as indicated above, the impact position of the club face will replicate its address position and the ball will fly precisely in the directiona and pattern expected. This golf method will definitely improve your golf game.

There will be no need to try to manipulate the club during the golf swing in an attempt to flight the ball in a specific direction and pattern.

Once you learn how to lock-in your ball flight of choice and then apply the remaining fundamentals of the pre-swing proceedings and the actual golf swing as prescribed above,  you should appreciate even more that knowing the mechanics of golf remains one of the best golf swing tips ever.

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