February 22, 2018

Golf Swing Instructions: How Golf Has Changed Since The Palmer-Nicklaus Era

golf swing tipsGolf swing instructions to teach golfers how to hit straight golf shots have fundamentally changed since the Palmer-Nicklaus days.

During the Palmer-Nicklaus golfing era, most golf swing instructions suggested golfers to work the ball either to the right or to the left of the target.

The reason why golfers tended to work the ball more in the Palmer-Nicklaus era was that it was more difficult to hit the golf ball straight in the earlier days of golf, according to some of the Legends of the times.

Indeed, I recently heard Jack Nicklaus discuss on the Golf Channel the difficulty of  hitting straight golf shots during the 60′s and 70′s.

He felt that the equipment at the time was not conductive  to hit straight golf shots.

Another handicap in those days was caused by golfers wearing spiked shoes, in comparison with golf shoes of today.

Most golfers nowadays move their feet to change their stance in order to align their shoulders parallel with their target lines.

It is much more difficult to move your feet and change your stance when wearing spiked golf shoes.

Another change aside from better equipment and spiked shoes is the condition of the golf courses on which professional golfers play these days.

Another improvement is that of better yardage markers now in compariosn with a lack of them in the earlier days.

However, in terms of being unable to fly rhe ball straight in the earlier days, as contended by some of the greats of that era and blaming it on the earlier equipment, I take issue.

I believe that the golfers in the Palmer-Nicklaus era could have hit the ball as straight as golfers of today had they done three simple things, regardless of the earlier equipment.

One, had they simply aligned their shoulders parallel with the target line with the sweet spot of the ball centered as near as possible to the back of the ball at the completion of their setup proceedings.

Two, had they kept their left heel firmly planted throughout the swing as most professional golfers do these days.

Three, had they maintained eye contact with the ball from the beginning of the swing through impact with the ball.

Had golfers simply applied these three disciplines in the earlier days they would have been able to produce straight golf shots at will,  because these are some of the golf swing instructions that are so prevalent these days.

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