February 22, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: Use The Bodacious Pull Technique To Hit An Ideal Pull Shot

tips on golf swingIf you wish to avoid trouble on your right you should find the Bodacious Pull Technique™ as  one of the best tips on golf swing.

 It indeed is one of the best tips on golf swing ever because it is designed to pull the ball to the left and away from any such hazard or trouble to the right.

 This assumes you are right handed. If left-handed, it would pull your ball to the right and away from any trouble or hazards to your left.

The Bodacious Pull Technique™ is one of many golf methods I have designed and developed  to hit a perfect pull golf shot.

A pull golf shot produces one of the best ball flights to the left of a fairway, perhaps even better than a draw or hook golf shot. The ball merely flies to the left and continues to the left, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball.

On the other hand, a draw or hook is subject to the “double-cross” that would cause your ball to fly into trouble or a hazard to the right.

So what are the golf swing instructions to perform the Bodacious Pull Technique™?

First, assume a comfortable stance and posture. Then ground the sole of your clubface in the middle of your stance.

Next, straighten both of your legs to the maximum and lock both of your knee joints. Keep your knee joints locked until the completion of the procedure.

Then, grip your left-hand (if right-handed) on your club in a traditional diagonal manner.

Next and the most critical step, lower your shoulders while the sole of your clubface remains on the surface and until it stops rotating.

Maintain your position and then grip your right hand on your club in a conventional manner, either with an overlapping, interlocking  or baseball (ten fingers) style of grip.

Then, complete your grip by locking (docking) the lifeline of your right hand squarely and securely on your left thumb.

Next, unlock the lifeline of your right hand at least one-inch from your left thumb without completely un-gripping your club. Then re-lock the lifeline of your right hand squarely and securely on your left thumb.

You must not unlock the lifeline of your right hand from your left thumb thereafter. If you do, this technique will not produce an ideal pull shot.

Finally, unlock your knee joints and raise your shoulders to their original positions. At this point you should have a locked-in pull ball flight alignment.

It then just becomes a matter of assuming a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, if not already so assumed, centering the sweet spot of your clubface as near as possible to the back of your ball and aligning your shoulders parallel with your directional line, the imaginary line on which you want your ball to fly initially.

Then keep a steady head and execute a simple golf swing without attempting to manipulate your clubface in any manner.

If you follow these instructions precisely you then should observe your ball pulling perfectly to the left to avoid any trouble or hazard to the right.

It will provide the perfect golf swing if you have trouble on your right and, in turn, improve your golf and lower your scores.

In addition to avoiding trouble or hazards to the right, this type of pull golf shot is ideal when faced with cross-winds from the left.

It merely straightens the shot to the target. If you learn to use this technique correctly you too should agree it to be one of the best tips on golf swing ever designed to hit a perfect pull golf shot.

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